Community Reading Room

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Th(i)rd C(u)lture

Director: Emele Ugavule

Cast: Ayeesha Ash, Angela Sullen

Performance: February 24th, 2017

Where: Testing Grounds, South Bank, Melbourne, VIC

The 30 minute performance aimed to "highlight the struggles of being mixed race in a country that you don’t belong to. Emele Ugavule directed Ayeesha Ash & Angela Sullen in this short pop-up piece which incorporated movement, spoken word & music. The show followed their journeys as young girls both born outside of Australia (Grenada & the United States of America) and their struggle through teen hood to find community and likeness around them growing into young adults. It flowed in and out of verbatim, monologue testimony, and interviews to highlight how difficult it is to find somewhere to fit when you are disconnected from your homeland, from your people, from your culture.

This show was produced with the support of the Community Reading Room. It was FREE and purposefully presented in a non-theatrical space and non-traditional theatrical format so as make it easily accessible for
"non traditional" theatrical audiences.

Below are two poem excerpts written & recorded for the show by Emele, which was performed as moved word by Ayeesha and Angela.