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God's Choice - Certified Organic Blackness

"Mā kaumātua tēnei tūru/Dabedabe sa Maroroi me nodra na Qase/This seat reserved for elders only"


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Projection of Black Birds short film - 'Counter Face'

Counterface shows four women, who on the surface would be classified as Black. Set in a Grocery Store, it shows four women interacting with objects of Black culture that are both Ancient, Current and an amalgamation of both – Weave/Hair extensions, Fenty X Puma Slides, Dutch/African Wax Fabrics, Gold jewellery. Angela Sullen is an African American Cherokee Italian woman; Ayeesha Ash is an Maori Grenadian woman; Emele Ugavule is a Tokelauan Fijian woman and Meklit Kibret is an Ethiopian woman. This represents the way we as Women of Colour who are not Indigenous to Australia and are from different diasporas choose to engage with, purchase or wear parts of Black culture that we identify with and how we celebrate ourselves by celebrating cultural likeness and larger more visible diasporas.


Artists: Ayeesha Ash & Emele Ugavule, 2016


Front view of 'Anti-throne' 

Anti-throne is an ode to shared respect. As benches are common meeting places in the Pacific & mats are common sitting places we invite elders only in our Native tongue to sit on the bench. However, because it is a bench it must be shared - in contrast to the point of a throne.