aMBUSH Gallery - Capiche


God's Choice - Certified Organic Blackness

"Mā kaumātua tēnei tūru/Dabedabe sa Maroroi me nodra na Qase/This seat reserved for elders only"


20160916-AmbushCP_002 (1).jpg

Projection of Black Birds short film - 'Counter Face'

This video work dissects cultural appropration and stereotypes in a pedestrian setting (Grocery store) to reflect our everyday experiences as products of society and the larger more visible Black diasporas'.


Artists: Ayeesha Ash & Emele Ugavule, 2016


Front view of 'Anti-throne' 

Anti-throne is an ode to shared respect. As benches are common meeting places in the Pacific & mats are common sitting places we invite elders only in our Native tongue to sit on the bench. However, because it is a bench it must be shared - in contrast to the point of a throne.